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The 2015 Transportation Package

In 2015, Olympia passed a $16 billion transportation tax package. It had been 10 years since the last large investment which was called the “Transportation Partnership Program.” Our region has been experiencing explosive population growth over that time period and we desperately needed to invest in our transportation infrastructure.

 Unfortunately, the 1st Legislative District didn’t receive adequate funding to alleviate some of the worst traffic in the state. You can view the budget documents on the LEAP website. We received only $10 million in road projects. The project list incorrectly counts the 132nd/405 interchange as being in the 1st District when it’s actually in the 45th District. We didn’t receive any of the Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Projects or the Transit Projects.

Our District can’t afford to wait another 10 years to fix these critical transportation issues. Our next Senator is going to have to fight to get funding in supplemental transportation budgets for the projects in our District. There is also an opportunity to work regionally to obtain federal funding for projects through the FAST Act.

Fixing our local transportation network is going to require effective leaders who can get results.


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